Shortest political interview ever? Federal MP cut off after 29 seconds


A Liberal MP was invited to speak about the hot topic of same-sex marriage on Sky News. It ended a few seconds later.

It’s probably up there as one of the shortest political interviews ever.

Liberal MP Tim Wilson was invited on to Sky News on Thursday to discuss same-sex marriage and the ongoing developments in his party on the issue.

Amid growing support amongst some conservatives for a postal plebiscite to resolve the impasse over same-sex marriage, the Liberal Party is expected to discuss the issue in a meeting on Monday.

Mr Wilson is among a group of Liberal MPs who’ve left open the possibility of crossing the floor in favour of legalising same-sex marriage should a bill come to a vote.

Sky News host Peter Van Onselen opened the interview with a simple question: “Do you like the idea of a secret ballot in the party?”

Mr Wilson deflected.

“I have said everything I have to say on this issue and I make no plans to make any other comment at this time,” the MP said.

“I’d rather talk about something else that actually matters to the Australian population.”

Mr Wilson then went on to list all the things he’d rather talk about; the economy, energy prices or Labor’s tax policies.

“I’ve said what I’ve said on this issue,” he ended.

Van Onselen, unperturbed, cut the interview short right there.

“Tim Wilson, thanks for your company.”

The length of the brief chat? Twenty-nine seconds.

Van Onselen later told The Australian he had considered Mr Wilson would address the topic in some way.

“I just decided in the spur of the moment to end the interview if he wasn’t willing to answer a fair question,” he said.

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