'Shouldn't it say 2019?': Sydney's New Year's typo

When 'Happy New Year 2018' lit up one of Sydney's Harbour bridge pylons some feared a groundhog year was upon us.

Last night marked the end of 2018 with all the hopes and resolutions that come with celebrations to bring in the new year.  

So some in Sydney were very surprised when 'Happy New Year 2018' was projected onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

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It seems many are looking forward to 2019 - wondering whether the turmoil witnessed during the previous year will spill over into the next.

One Twitter user who noticed the mistake declaring "Oh no it's 2018 again."

An estimated one million revellers flocked to the harbour and were dazzled with a 12-minute display from midnight that featured new firework effects, a brighter bridge display and 500kg more explosives than the previous year.

The projection typo was a minor glitch in the incredible display of colour. 

Fireworks explode over the Sydney Harbour during New Year's Eve celebrations.
Source: AAP

Instagram user Neil Clark and Twitter user Gyanendra Regmi were others astute enough to catch the error. 

Both pointing out that the sign should have read "Happy New Year 2019."

Reaction to the mistake, first spotted by the Sydney Morning Herald, gathered more attention as people woke from their celebrations on New Year's day. 

Despite fears that a groundhog year had taken hold in Sydney, others were more optimistic about the future.  

Twitter user Heidi Joe stating: "If this is the biggest gaffe of 2019 things are looking good".

Published 1 January 2019 at 11:34am, updated 1 January 2019 at 8:25pm
Source: SBS News