This month, what's worrying small business owners around the Federal election? We meet enterprising mothers supporting vulnerable women and children, and young entrepreneurs, some starting profit-for-purpose businesses. Catch Small Business Secrets in SBS World News, Saturday night from 6.30 pm.

The small and medium business sector contributes $40 billion dollars to the economy each year, yet many owner-operators say they're crushed by rising costs and...
Charities including a volunteer mothers' group are increasingly providing emergency relief for people seeking asylum in Australia, with calls for an immediate...
Young entrepreneurs are driving the economy, particularly in the tech sector, and often give back via ethical or profit-for purpose enterprises. Research shows...


This month, we meet the mentors helping women start their own businesses, and some Australian chocolate producers working to end the exploitation of children. Plus, we catch up with Australian Indigenous artists and designers who've exhibited in Italy's Milan, and speak to the Aussie behind smart water technology that's helping to reduce water waste. Catch Small Business Secrets on SBS World News, Saturday nights from 6.30pm. 

With spending on chocolate in Australia expected to exceed $200 million this Easter, there are calls to ensure what you buy is fairtrade and slavery-free.

'A long way to go': Fresh drive to boost women heading startups

Encouraging more women into their own business is a priority for the new boss at Australia’s largest startup community, Fishburners.
As tourists in Australia are increasingly wanting to engage with Indigenous art, creatives are exhibiting their work in the Italian city of Milan.
Smart water meters are being trialled across Australia as new data shows the recent drought will wipe billions of dollars from farm production this financial year.


This month we meet several young entrepreneurs with autism who're starting their own businesses, to break the unemployment cycle. We find out how music is changing lives in one of Australia's most remote communities, meet an entrepreneur who is transforming medical equipment and airline security using carbon nanotechnology, and visit a new Indigenous co-working hub. Catch Small Business Secrets on SBS World News, Saturday nights from 6.30pm. 

Music can lift learning outcomes, say education experts, with a rock festival this weekend on Lord Howe Island set to highlight some of that success.
Many people with autism have never held a paid job, but at an innovative program is helping some young entrepreneurs break the cycle.

New Indigenous hub aims to boost entrepreneurs

Business leaders are urging caution as Indigenous owner-operators race to catch a ‘multi-billion dollar wave of opportunity’.
Australian company Micro-X has just signed contracts with Paris-based security technology company Thales, for global sales of its SA developed counter-terror...


This month we see how entrepreneurs are recycling business waste, and learn how 'sunscreen' is protecting grape vines during recent heatwaves, plus we meet the last farmer standing at the heritage-listed La Perouse market gardens. Catch Small Business Secrets in SBS World News, Saturday nights from 6.30pm. 

Businesses are being urged to find new local markets for recycled materials to help solve a 1.3 million tonne problem created by China’s rejection of Australian waste.
As the hot weather impacts harvests, wine producers are working night and day to bring in their grapes.
After years of uncertainty, the future of a much-loved family business in La Perouse may soon be secured.

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