• Community Pod is a social enterprise that helps save the environment from non-biodegradable coffee pods. (Community Pod)
For most of us, a daily coffee or two is a necessity but, how about turning that cup of Joe into some good? Community Pod is a social enterprise that gives back to the community and the environment.
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14 Nov 2016 - 2:37 PM  UPDATED 14 Nov 2016 - 2:42 PM

Community Pod is an Australian first; the sustainable coffee pods compatible with Nespresso machines are giving charities a brand new revenue source while helping the planet along the way.

Australians go through 1.2 billion coffee pods a year - nearly 3.1 million a day. Every ten cents from a coffee pod sale and every three dollars from the beans go to a nominated charity.

Mark Grogan, co-founder of Community Pod says “We want to be able to get five percent of that, that’s our aim within five years. If we do that, then we’re raising five million dollars a year so it’s an enormous thing.”

Given the popularity of coffee, tapping into an existing revenue stream and diverting it to a charity is a simple and effective way to raise funds.

With a struggling WA economy, many are tightening their purse strings, but the ‘product with a purpose’ nature of the pods makes it a refreshing way to for charities like Lifeline WA to give their donors of supporting their work.

Lorna MacGregor, Lifeline WA CEO says, “Community Pods ticks all the boxes, not only does it give back to charity; it’s a different way for us to look for a different revenue stream”.

Lifeline WA buy the pods, naturally choosing to give back to themselves while encouraging businesses and individual donors to purchase the coffee pods on their website as well.

To get the coffee to its customers from the coffee roaster in Queensland, Community Pod has linked up with Activ Foundation warehouses, a WA-based organisation that provides employment opportunities to people with disabilities – to pack the pods ready for shipping.

To ensure that all the money goes to those in need, Community Pod has partnered with Inpact, an international company that connects charities and social causes to businesses. This setup streamlines backend payments and means charities don’t have to pay bank fees or other administration charges.

Community Pod has ensured their business is not only for the socially minded but also targets those trying to lower the impact on the environment. Made from vegetable matter, the pods are biodegradable enabling another innovative startup, Life Cykel to grow mushrooms.

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