• Kua is working on a bio-degradable plastic alternative. (Supplied)
Kua is a social enterprise that supports ethical coffee growing in Uganda and is now developing a plastic alternative that's ocean friendly.
Sandra Fulloon

22 Jan - 11:48 AM 

Kua is a youth-led social enterprise founded by friends who met at university. They are now collaborating on a  plastic alternative for food packaging.

The products are made from seaweed, known as kelp, that washes up on Australian beaches.  

It's a collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund, and Kua founder Brody Smith says the product breaks down in the ocean to create food for fish.

Kua, formerly known as Bugisu Project, also buys green coffee beans from farms in Uganda and returns part of the proceeds to women there. Kua sold more than 1.5 tonnes of Ugandan coffee last year.

in Australia, the business collects used coffee grounds from cafes and businesses in Sydney. 

"We actually recycle the coffee grounds and close the loop on the life cycle of our coffee. And distribute that back out to community gardens," Brody Smith explained. 

Kua is teaching its corporate partners about the coffee trade using its 'Latte and Learn' virtual reality program.