Female mechanic

In the West Australian town on Australind there’s a revolution underway, as a husband-and-wife team are mixing up the car repair industry and appear to be doing so with great success.

Sushi Hub

There's a big difference between being a franchisee and starting your own franchise. It's something the owners of Sushi Hub discovered when they traded in their bread baking hats for a different kind of roll.

Demolition Man

When presented with a lucrative contract, access to capital is often a challenge. However, there are financial devices available to help businesses take advantage - something Shane Florio's Home Demolitions was able to capitalise on.

Christchurch Foreign Workers

In the aftermath of the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, it became apparent that the labor requirement wouldn't able to be fulfilled by local workers, so Leighs Construction looked overseas to counter the problem.

Bernie's Diner

For more than a century, the Greek cafe has been a fixture in Australian country towns. Emmanuel Benardos opened the central cafe in Moss Vale in 1925. Over ninety years later, Ioannis Benardos has given his grandfather's business a makeover.

Painted Cricket Bats

This week on the program, the young businessman building a cricket business in Don Bradman's hometown. Plus, the app aiming to revolutionise travel booking.


Ben Porter's business Cuffed is online only and it works for him - keeping overheads very low.

Every now and then though he leases apop-upp store to raise brand awareness.

Saltwater Dreamtime

Zachary Bennett-Brook's business is a fusion of his two great loves - the ocean and his culture. His Saltwater Dreamtime designs now feature on everything from surfboards to footy boots - and they've brought the Torres Strait Islander - international acclaim.

Message Stick

Michael Mcleod's business has benefitted from the Federal government's Indigenious business boost. He received 4.5 million dollars in contracts from government agencies - over the past five years.

Cinema Eddie

In the age of Netflix, Stan and Apple TV, taking a punt on the cinema industry could be seen as a risky move but not for Eddie Tamir. He has successfuly grown his famly-run cinema business from one screen - to twenty-three - with a unique take on a classic pastime.

Aura Beauty

Threading is a technique where antibacterial cotton is used to remove facial hair and shape eyebrows. It's been used in Iran for centuries - and while it's relatively new here - one small business owner was convinced it would work.

Pablo & Rusty's

From the Arabian coffee houses of the 16th century to the ubiquity of chains like Starbucks the coffee business has been around a long time. But new technologies are continuing to change the industry.

DreamSky Aviation

If you're looking to start a business with low overheads, a flight school is the last thing thing you'd want to consider. But, for this one in the New South Wales Hunter Valley, their social mission is bigger than any business challenge they face.

Gram Engineering

So, you've come up with an innovative idea, created a small business and landed a big supplier. Then that supplier cuts ties and brings out a strikingly similar product. What can you do?! Fight back. That's what Ronn Mann, Managing Director at Gram Engineering did and won.

Jim Bradley Speedball Company

The Jim Bradley Speedball Company, household brand in the eighties and nineties is still popular today, thanks to the online business model. Tune in 5pm this Sunday at SBS Australia for the full story.

Viva Salon

You've heard the old adage, location location location - it's key in real estate, and in business. Small Business Secrets met with hair salon owner Andrew Berry who, despite his rock and roll past, found himself struggling to get clients when he opened in Australia.

Dreamtime Tuka

When Herb Smith started Dreamtime Tuka he never imagined within a few short years, Qantas passengers all over Australia would be tucking in to his bush food treats.

33 Creative

Good publicity can do wonders for any business but what makes a PR company stand out to clients? Agency Director, Mayrah Sonter says it's all about creativity.

Oasis Bakery

A passion for food and family is behind a Middle Eastern jewel - nestled away in Melbourne's South Eastern Suburbs. It all began for Oasis Bakery with a desire to introduce unique flavours to the local community.

Made By Cow

The average Australian drinks a lot of fresh milk - 105 litres every year to be exact. Made By Cow is a new business is tapping into the lucrative dairy market by selling the world's first raw, cold-pressed milk.

Rolld: Vietnamese Street Food

The Ho-Angs didn't take much when they fled Vietnam but it was enough to start the multi-million dollar food franchise Rolld. Family recipes are the secret behind the vietnamese street food restaurants and with growth of almost 800% since the first outlet opened four years ago, Rolld's momentum is showing no sign of slowing.

Rosebery Garage

Family businesses make up about two thirds of the australian business community, and they enjoy some distinct advantages in the marketplace. Shared values and goals mean  many are more resilient in the face of change. 

Chocolate Johnny

Social media can be an important tool for any small business to get their brand out there. One chocolatier has used streaming apps to take his family business to another level, and now boasts customers from across the world.

Afghan Road

Meet the refugee entrepreneurs behind Adelaide's "little Afghanistan". They're a group of shop owners collectively breathing new life into a once downtrodden part of the city. They're not just building businesses - as they see it, they're building a community.

Kingzman Barbershop

Starting a new business can be unpredictable. A group of barbers in Sydney's north know this better than most - after a bus crashed into their shop a few months after it opened.