Sochi's twin toilets sparks online frenzy

A viral photo of twin toilets facilities at the Sochi Olympic Winter Games has raised questions about how the event's US$50 billion budget has been spent.

A photo of two toilets sharing one Sochi stall has sparked a social media frenzy and raised questions about how the Winter Olympic Games budget has been spent.

A shapshot revealing twin toilets in the men's toilets at a Sochi Olympics venue as been met with with jeers, disbelief and condemnation in Russia.

The pictures, taken by BBC Moscow Correspondent Steve Rosenberg, has been widely circulated after it was uploaded to Twitter.

The photograph was seized upon by Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny, who questioned how the Games' budget, said to be in the vicinity of US$50 billion, had been spent.

Others took to social media to express their surprise:

Although communal toilets are rare across North America and Western Europe, they are a frequent phenomena in some Russian institutions.







Source: SBS

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