Malcolm Turnbull

Social media mocks PM Turnbull's 7.30 interview


ABC 7.30 host Leigh Sales may have taken some of the gloss off Malcolm Turnbull's new Prime Ministership with a bruising interview on Monday night.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has struggled through a tense interview with 7.30 host Leigh Sales, and social media has declared him the loser of the battle.

After discussing Mr Turnbull's favourite topic, innovation, Ms Sales attempted to move on to questioning the Prime Minister about the Mal Brough and James Ashby scandal, and that was where the problems began.

"Is there a risk this could turn into a running sore for you the way Craig Thompson did for Julia Gillard," Ms Sales asked a clearly uncomfortable Turnbull.

"Again I'm sorry you've lost interest in innovation," Turnbull said.

Ms Sales however refused to be distracted, admonishing Mr Turnbull: "If every guest came on and they only got to talk about what they wanted to talk about it would be a very different program".

Mr Turnbull attempted to push Ms Sales on whether her audience was interested in Mr Brough to which she responded firmly: "I ask the questions on this program, and I think they're very interested, frankly".

Social media seized on Mr Turnbull's performance.

Ms Sales is well known for her strong interview style and has previously made headlines for tough interviews with former treasurer Joe Hockey and and former prime minister Tony Abbott.

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