South Australian budget at a glance

The main points in the South Australian budget


* A surplus for 2019/20 of $94 million, rising to $105m in 2020/21, $142m in 2021/22 and $251m in 2022/23.

* The state's economy will grow by just over two per cent across forward estimates.

* Employment growth will be flat at one per cent in each of the next four years.

* Net debt will rise from $6.2 billion in 2018/19 to $9.4 billion in 2019/20 to fund a major infrastructure program.

* The government will loan about $4 billion over five years to help fund infrastructure spending as it gambles on interest rates staying low.

* Forecasted $2.1 billion cut in GST returns over the next four years.

* More than 1500 public sector jobs to go in 2019/20 but this is dependant on agencies using cuts to achieve budgeted savings. Mostly back office staff.

* $550 million allocated to begin constructing the Women's and Children's Hospital.

* A $1.1 billion commitment over eight years to upgrade regional roads.

* $734 million for road infrastructure in metropolitan Adelaide, though half will come from the Commonwealth.

* A $104.5 million housing assistance package, including interest-free deposit gap loans of up to $10,000 and $21 million to build 90 new SA Housing Authority affordable homes.

* $150 million for an Aboriginal art gallery and cultural centre.

* A range of fees, charges and fines to rise by about five per cent, well above inflation. Some, including fines for hoon drivers, to jump by much more.

* $252 million for preparation and planning works for the final 10kms of Adelaide's north-south road corridor.

* $52 million to combat coastal erosion including a sand recycling pipeline from West Beach to Semaphore.

* A new program to ensure property investors pay their share of land tax, closing a loophole that will bring in $40 million a year.

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