Spanish police dog ‘rescues’ migrant trapped in industrial piping


A Spanish police dog named 'Tango' has saved an Algerian migrant trapped in industrial piping, local media has reported, taking the canine's rescue tally to more than 1700.

A local police dog in Melilla, a Spanish territory on Morocco’s northern coast, has ‘liberated’ a 30-year-old Algerian migrant trapped in industrial piping, local media has reported.

The man had reportedly stowed away in the piping, which was on a truck waiting to embark from the port city.

The rescue made the front page in local newspaper Melilla Hoy, which reported that the rescue took an hour and a half.

The police dog has sniffed out 1700 would-be stowaways in his 8 years of service, the newspaper reported.

The United Nations says that tighter European borders have pushed refugees and migrants to take more “diversified and dangerous journeys” in their attempts to reach first world countries.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants have made the desperate journey across the Mediterranean in recent years.

Sometimes migrants make attempts as stowaways, but more frequently the journey is made in dangerous, overcrowded boats. 

- with Reuters

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