Steve Price slammed for calling female journalist 'hysterical' during violence against women debate

File image of Steve price Source: AAP

Broadcaster Steve Price has been slammed after claiming that a journalist was being 'hysterical' when she pressed him on sexist 'jokes' and violence against women.

Radio and television broadcaster Steve Price has been slammed following an appearance on the ABC's Q&A program on Monday, in which he called Guardian journalist Van Badham "hysterical" during a heated exchange.

Price defended recent controversial comments made by Collingwood president Eddie McGuire about The Age reporter Caroline Wilson being held under water.

“Eddie apologised immediately. If you listen to that broadcast in context, it was a bunch of blokes laughing about things they shouldn’t have laughed about," he said.

“When it was brought to their attention that they’d said those things, all of them apologised. I think far too much was then made of it."

However, Badham said Price was apologising for McGuire and his colleagues when he said their comments were a joke made by “a bunch of blokes”.

“It’s one of the reasons why we have to look at the cultural attitudes around the different treatment of women and the disadvantaged treatment of women in our society because what you see as jokes made by a bunch of blokes, you know, from the position of being one of those blokes is probably being in on some of those jokes I see as a woman who is part of a social world where violence is," Badham said.

She started to explain the "cultural attitudes that treat women differently" and the impact of violence against women, but Price interrupted saying, “I think you’re just being hysterical”.

The comment raised Badham's ire.

“It is probably my ovaries making me do it, Steve,” she said, prompting the nationally trending tag #myovariesmademe.

Hours after the episode aired, #myovariesmademe was still trending on Twitter.

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