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Tuesday 13 Oct 2015
Wednesday 10 Sep 2014

The parents of a Dutch man killed in the the MH17 plane disaster over eastern Ukraine say a preliminary report into the crash confirms what they already knew.
The report by the Dutch Safety Board says the plane was hit by what it calls "a high-energy object", and confirms there were no technical problems with the plane.

Seline Fredriksz's 23-year-old son Bryce was onboard the flight. She says she wants more answers what what killed him.

"I would like to know why? Was it on purpose that they shot down a passenger flight or was it meant to be a Ukraine flight or maybe a military plane," she said.

"I'd like to know. And of course we'd like to know who did it and who's responsible."

The Australian government say they remain convinced MH17 was shot down by missiles.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss released a joint statement saying the report does not attribute blame or liability for the incident.

"This is the role of the multinational criminal investigation led by the Dutch Public Prosecution Service, which is currently underway," the statement read.

"The international community must remain focused on finding, prosecuting and punishing the perpetrators of this cowardly attack."


The wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 - downed over Ukraine in July - was "consistent with the damage that would be expected from a large number of high-energy objects that penetrated the aircraft from outside", crash investigators say.

The fact that there were many pieces of aircraft structure distributed over a large area indicated that the Boeing 777, en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, broke up in the air, a preliminary report by the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) said.

A total of 298 people, including 38 Australian citizens and residents, died in the July 17 incident.

The DSB said the black boxes recovered from the war-torn crash site in Ukraine showed no evidence of manipulation.

The black box cockpit voice recorder (CVR) which provided a record of pilots' conversations "gave no indication of any malfunction or emergency" before the crash.

Read more from the report here.

Monday 8 Sep 2014
The Chair of the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations, Stefan Romaniw, says co-operation over the MH17 disaster has brought the two countries closer together.
Australia is about to start giving humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine, and it's opening its first embassy in the Ukrainian capital.The moves were announced during a visit to Kiev by a group representing Ukrainian Australians, to discuss ways...
Thursday 4 Sep 2014
For most families, the wait continues, six weeks after flight MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board.  
(Transcript from SBS World News Radio)The remains of some of those killed in the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 have been returned to their famlies in different parts of the world.But for most families, the wait continues, six...
Friday 22 Aug 2014

Royal Malay Regiment army personnel carry a coffin to a hearse during the arrival ceremony of Malaysia Airlines MH17 victims (AAP)

The first remains of the 43 Malaysians killed in the MH17 disaster have returned home to a national day of mourning.

A special Malaysia Airlines flight from Amsterdam touched down shortly before 10am local time on Friday bearing the remains of 20 people killed when the plane was shot out of the sky over war-torn eastern Ukraine.

Malaysia's King Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah, Prime Minister Najib Razak and other top officials were on hand for a solemn ceremony to receive the coffins at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

The observance was to be followed by a nationwide minute of silence expected to bring its busy streets, schools and businesses to a standstill across the country of 28 million, while flags nationwide flew at half-mast.

Authorities had earlier asked citizens of the Muslim-majority country to refrain from festive activities and don black out of respect for the victims.

Commuters streaming into the bustling streets of the capital Kuala Lumpur earlier in the morning were overwhelming black-clad, while state television aired recitations from the Koran and flashed photos of the Malaysian victims.


The remains of 28 Malaysian victims of doomed flight MH17 will be flown home this week, the government says.
The remains of at least 15 Malaysians killed when a jetliner was shot down over Ukraine will be returned to their home country this week, the first Malaysian victims of the disaster to be flown home, the country's defence minister says.All 298...
Friday 15 Aug 2014

Forensic experts have formally identified the first remains of Australian victims of the MH17 disaster.

Mary and Gerry Menke were among the 298 people killed when the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 was downed over insurgent-held eastern Ukraine on July 17.

The Menke family said in a statement on Friday they were "relieved" that Mary and Gerry had been identified.

"We wish to thank all those who have helped in this process," the family said.

"We look forward to receiving Mary and Gerry again soon in the place and the community they loved so much and which loved them.

"Once again we extend our deepest condolences to all those affected by this tragedy."