Sutherland hopes for quicker World Cup

Cricket Australia boss James Sutherland says the 2019 World Cup should be 'shorter and tighter'. (AAP)

Cricket Australia boss James Sutherland says the 2019 World Cup should be a 'shorter and tighter' event.

Cricket Australia chief James Sutherland says that cutting four teams from the World Cup should help satisfy fans' calls for a more condensed tournament.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is yet to confirm the format of the 2019 showpiece in England.

The expectation is the ICC will drop four teams from the event, making it a 10-nation affair.

Sutherland opined it was what the fans wanted - provided the tournament was more condensed than the six weeks it took for the 2015 World Cup to unfold.

"I have always personally favoured a tighter World Cup format because, as with night Test cricket, that's what fans want," Sutherland said on Sunday.

"I once thought that might mean limiting the tournament to full ICC members. My view now is that we can do both.

"Run a shorter, tighter World Cup ... that keeps the public engaged and excited.

"But with associates involved, maybe via qualification in a preliminary pre-Cup contest."

Ireland captain William Porterfield has been among the most vocal critics of the ICC's ploy, while India icon Sachin Tendulkar labelled it "a backward step".

Sutherland suggested it was"only a matter of time before one or more associate teams makes it through to the pointy end of a World Cup".

"Which will be great for cricket's continuing development as a world game," he added.

Sutherland noted it was up to Cricket Australia and New Zealand Cricket to ensure the 2015 World Cup established a lasting legacy.

"Our two countries have worked together for 10 years to plan and stage this event, the best of the 11 World Cups so far," he said.

Source AAP

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