Sydney bar under fire for using naked models as fruit platters

The controversial display at Cruise Bar (Twitter/Melanie James) Source: (Twitter/Melanie James)

A Sydney bar has come under fire after hiring naked women to lie on tables as fruit platters and hand feed guests.

The display at Cruise Bar, located at the Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal, has been labelled as unacceptable and appalling after images of the event hit social media on Wednesday night.

The display was part of a relaunch of the bar, which has been targeted by social media users since images of the event were published on Twitter and Instagram, some showing the women feeding guests.

University of Newcastle academic Melanie James described it as “unacceptable.”

“Obviously good for publicity but at what cost?” she posted.

Another Twitter user described the display as "appalling", while historian Helen McDonald labelled it "horrifying."

"Classic misogyny," writer Sandra Ecker posted on her Twitter account.

Another social media user said they were investigating whether a complaint could be lodged in regards to advertising. 

The event also featured scantily clad men, which were noted in a defence of the event by Nova newsreader Matt de Groot.

"They were having fun," he tweeted on Thursday.

"No one was forced to do anything. There were near equal male/female models. A good night."

Myer Ambassador Kate Peck also posted an image of the event, though voiced support for the relaunch she assisted with.

“The only way to eat a fruit salad, let's be honest,” she posted.

SBS has made several calls to Cruise Bar, whose Facebook and Instagram accounts posted images of the event.


Source SBS

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