Syrian Aussie may never walk again

The parents of a Sydney Syrian-Australian man say he was shot for supporting President Bashar al-Assad, as an anti-Assad group condemns the attackers.

Friends and family of a Syrian-Australian man shot in Sydney at the weekend are calling for federal police involvement in the case.

They fear an alleged sectarian element to their son's shooting may spark further violence here.

Ali Ibrahim was shot on his Sydney doorstep early on Monday morning. Two men fired three shots into his knees, and he may not be able to walk again.

His family believe it may have been because of his support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad - which he expressed in a dispute on Facebook.

Police say they are considering claims that the shooting was politically-motivated, but refused to confirm media reports that counter-terrorism police are investigating the case.

The case is under the joint investigation of Operation Spartan, probing the recent spate of gun crime in Sydney.

Yet adding to the families' concern is the fact that it came just hours after Syria's Canberra embassy was attacked by anti-Assad protesters, one of many targeted around the world.

One community activist claims the attack is part of an increase in tension which brings the sectarian element of Syria's protests to Australia.

"We saw lately how the issue in Syria spread to Sydney, we saw how the embassy was attacked......many groups are asking for revenge on people who support the regime," Jamal Daoud said.

A group of Syrian Australians who want the removal of President Assad, the Syrian Australian Association, told SBS the shooting was unethical and unwanted, saying they hope the perpetrators are tracked down.

Source: SBS

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