Takes on the #AustralianValues in Turnbull's new citizenship test

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull unveils tighter requirements for new citizenship applicants. Source: AAP Image/Lukas Coch

Social media goes into overdrive after the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announces that the test for Australian citizenship will include questions about 'Australian values.'

The Federal Government has announced there will be sweeping changes to the testing for Australian citizenship.

In a press conference, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton announced that migrants hoping to become Australian citizens will go through stringent English language tests that will include "reading, writing and listening" components.

Applicants will also have to answer questions to evaluate their commitment to 'Australian values', and their alignment of values on topics such as gender equality, domestic violence, and religious freedom.

Prime Minister Turnbull did not specify exactly what "Australian values" might mean, stating that the government would consult with the public before it decides which questions would be included in the new testing.

The Prime Minister told the press: "What we’re doing is strengthening our multicultural society and strengthening the commitment to Australian values. This is about strengthening the Australian values which are at the heart of citizenship, of being an Australian citizen."

Social media is now openly discussing what the term 'Australian values' might actually mean.

Majority of the tweets - under the hashtag #AustralianValues - mock the stereotypes of Australian culture, and others angrily discuss hypocritical elements of the new citizenship laws.

The new citizenship laws will also require permanent residency for at least four years, and if successful, new citizens will have to demonstrate their 'integration' into Australian society by providing evidence of joining clubs, being employed, and enrolling children in school.

If an applicant is unsuccessful in applying for citizenship three times, they must wait another two years before reapplying.

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