Tax returns move into mobile digital age

Soon, Australians will be able to file their taxes on mobile phones

Australians will be able to use their smartphone or tablet to submit their next tax return with a new app developed by the tax office.

Tax returns are going mobile.

Australians will be able to submit their next tax return from their smartphone, tablet or computer through a new app.

MyTax will be available from the Australian Taxation Office from July 1.

On computers it will be fully online, rather than requiring people to download special software as is the case now.

Treasurer Joe Hockey expected using MyTax would cut the amount of time people needed to spend lodging their tax return.

However, not everyone will able to use the new platform.

People with more complicated tax returns - such as those with rental properties, foreign income or employee share schemes - will be ineligible to use it.

Source: AAP

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