Teddy breaks world sky diving record

Babbage the bear fell 39,000 metres breaking previous records. (YouTube)

Felix Baumgartner wowed the earth and space when he skydived from the edge of space to earth. Now his world record has been broken – by a teddy bear.

High altitude balloonist and teddy-owner, David Akerman loaded Babbage the bear into a weather balloon filled with hydrogen at the launch site in Berkshire, England, last Saturday.

A Raspberry Pi credit-card sized computer acted as the bear’s flight control centre and took Babbage 39,000 metres through the air - 31 metres higher than Baungartner’s 2012 record.

The launch capsule had been connected to an over-the-shoulder camera, similar Baumgarten, which allowed Mr Akerman – and the world - to see Babbage’s fall from the balloon, while a second camera in the bear’s eye socket send video and photo of the fall back to earth.


Source SBS

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