Teenager 'not involved in school fight'

A high school student who died of head injuries after a schoolyard brawl was not involved in the fight, police say.

A high school student who died of head injuries after a schoolyard scuffle was not involved in the fight, police say, although the circumstances surrounding his death are unclear.

Jai Morcom, 15, died at Gold Coast Hospital on Saturday, a day after he was injured at Mullumbimby High School in northern NSW.

Varying eyewitness accounts have emerged in the media following the incident, with students describing a violent attack on the year nine pupil.

Acting Superintendent Owen King, who is leading the investigation, said a lot of conflicting information had been circulated and police were working to get to the truth.

"There was a fight between two people of which (Jai) was not one," he said. "The fight went on for about 15 seconds and was stopped by staff and students.

"In that time, a number of people gathered around, about 50 or 60, there was probably a bit of jostling, and that was when he was found unconscious."

'No evidence' of kicking, stomping

Superintendent King said there was no evidence Jai had been kicked, stomped on or thrown against a wall.

Nor did he have any pre-existing medical conditions, according to his family.

Police are continuing to interview students and say it is too early to speculate about possible charges.

No students have come forward with photographs or video footage of the brawl or its aftermath, Superintendent King said.

A post-mortem examination will be carried out on Tuesday, with the results expected on Wednesday, he said.

Jai will be buried after a public funeral in a Mullumbimby park on Saturday.

Source AAP, SBS

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