TEPCO 'sorry' for Japan PM name error

A TEPCO employee in protective clothing works around tanks filled with radioactive water at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. (AAP)

TEPCO officials have apologised to Shinzo Abe for spelling the Japanese PM's name incorrectly on a protective suit that he wore for a Fukushima tour.

Red-faced officials have issued an embarrassed apology to Japan's prime minister for spelling his name wrong during a high-profile tour of the battered Fukushima nuclear plant.

Shinzo Abe was given a specially-printed suit to protect him from radiation during the tour on Thursday, on which he was accompanied by a large press pack.

But plant operator TEPCO, which has been lambasted internationally for what critics say is its hapless handling of the catastrophe at Fukushima, used the wrong Chinese character for part of the PM's name.

"It was a typing error," said a TEPCO spokesman.

"We are very sorry for the mistake. We sincerely apologise to the prime minister for printing an inaccurate name."

TEPCO has repeatedly come under fire for its approach to managing the aftermath of the disaster at Fukushima.

Source AAP

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