'Thanks for the global warming. NOT': Students get creative at climate change protests

Students have downed books to protest climate change inaction.

School students across Australia used signs, chants and a clarinet to send a clear message to the government on Friday: do more to combat climate change.

The 'Strike 4 Climate Action' protest involved children downing books and gathering at MP offices and parliaments in capital cities and 20 regional centres.

Despite a serious message, the events were a sea of colour and placards, many of which poked fun at their adult counterparts.

"I'll stop farting if you stop burning coal," one read.

A student at a Sydney event drew cheers for announcing he was "here because we are all from nature and we should all be taking care of it" before playing a clarinet solo.

The stage was set earlier in the week when Prime Minister Scott Morrison slammed the intended action, saying Australia needed "more learning in schools and less activism".

But the comments only seem to have emboldened the students, as just a few of their signs show.

Published 30 November 2018 at 2:20pm
Source: SBS News