Activists remake Beyonce's Formation to protest anti-abortion laws

This parody video says everything about restrictive anti-abortion laws Source: YouTube

These badass women are standing up for their rights.

A group of activists are getting “inFormation” to protest anti-abortion laws in the US. Women from comedic activist group Lady Parts Justice League have released a parody video to the tune of Beyoncé’s feminist hit Formation as a call to arms against legislation that limits women’s reproductive rights.

They shine a spotlight on state of Louisiana where one particular law means that low-income women who don’t have private health insurance are unable to access public healthcare to cover the cost of an abortion.

A caption at the start of the video claims this “disproportionately affects poor women and women of colour”. It goes on to state that “a person must wait 72 hours after seeing a doctor before she can have her procedure” and “95 per cent of Louisiana counties are without an abortion provider”.

The women sing, “you think you’re in charge, make me pay, make me stay, make me wait for three days; I won’t pay, I won’t stay, I won’t wait for three days, f**k these laws, I’m in charge.”

While abortion is legal in the US, there has been a push from conservative politicians in other parts of the country to make it harder for abortion clinics and doctors to continue to practice.

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