'Are these the two best possible people?': Millennial voters look to third-party candidates

Source: The Feed

The two major parties are losing support among young voters, and some are setting up communities to make their disaffection heard. Grassroots America, 8 PM Tuesday on SBS 2, or 10 PM on SBS.

People under theage of under 35s make up the largest voting bloc this American election, some 70 million potential voters. Tgoether, they have as much power as baby boomers.

Despite endless attempts, neither party have been particularly successful at luring millennial voters to their side. They are the group least likely to be registered, least likely to vote, and least likely to vote for a major party candidate.

Other presidential candidates include Jill Stein, Darrel Castle, Evan McMullen and Vermin Supreme, but it's the Libertarian Party Gary Johnson who has proved particularly popular among young voters.

"He's the least imperfect of the candidates," said Rachel, a Johnson supporter.

"He wants to leave me the most control over my own life instead of the government being in control," said her partner, Jeremy.

The two aren't just voting Libertarian - they're part of a movement calle the Free State Project, where people from accross the country are moving to New Hampshire with the end goal of voting as many libertarian candidates into the state legislature as possible.

With its small population but a fairly large number of state representatives, New Hampshire provides a perfect breeding ground for this type of grassroots politics.

4,000 free staters live there already, and another 16,000 have pledged to move.

"We have the lowest homeownership rate in decades, the highest college debt, job opportunities aren't as good as they were 10 or 20 years ago," said Matt, another member of the movement.

"A lot of young people are entering into the political world and wondering what the hell is going on, They're looking for alternatives".

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