Australians spending more than $9 billion a year on drugs, with cocaine and meth use on the rise.


More cocaine is being used in regional New South Wales than in Brisbane, according to the report.

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Cocaine is the drug of choice across NSW, rivalling methylamphetamine use in regional areas of the state, according to an analysis of the country's wastewater.

More cocaine is being used in regional NSW than in Brisbane according to the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission report, which found the nation spent over $9.3 billion last year on drugs.

Darwin and Sydney came out as the cocaine capitals of Australia - consuming more than twice as much of the drug as people in Melbourne and Brisbane.

The report showed that in August last year, for every 1,000 people, 1.2 grams of cocaine was consumed daily in Sydney and Darwin, compared with just over 400 milligrams in Melbourne and Brisbane.

In June and August last year, the Commission collected wastewater samples from 58 treatment plants across Australia, canvassing about 56 per cent of the population.

It tested for 13 substances, including nicotine, alcohol and opioids.

More than 9.6 tonnes of methylamphetamine is consumed in Australia each year, as well as more than 4 tonnes of cocaine, 1.1 tonnes of MDMA, and more than 700 kilograms of heroin.

Overall, cocaine and heroin was favoured in capitals across Australia, while in the regions alcohol, meth, MDMA and cannabis exceeded capital city consumption.

Cocaine use increased 34.6 percent compared last years findings, with MDMA and Heroin use decreasing.

The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre said the drug's usage among young people in Australia is at its highest level recorded since reporting began 15 years ago.

Last year, the centre spoke to nearly 800 respondents, averaging 21 years old. Just under 60% said they used the drug in the last 6 months - up 12% since 2017.

Cocaine arrives here from 47 different countries. According to Australian Intelligence, the number one exporter Is the US, and the number supplier Colombia.

It arrives here by international mail.