Check out these pictures of the globe thanks to NASA


To celebrate Earth Day today, the world’s biggest space institution is asking you to share your pictures of our beautiful planet.

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NASA has released some incredible new pictures of the Earth from space - just in time for Earth Day.

The annual April 22 event supports environmental protection and action against climate change.

This year, NASA is marking Earth Day with #PictureEarth, inviting people across the globe to send in pictures of the environment around them.

That includes the agency itself - they've shared some snaps of Earth from the International Space Station.

From nighttime lights, to deserts, to ice caps - the agency has even managed to capture a shot of Europe's most active volcano.

 NASA takes pictures from satellite and airborne instruments every day as a form of knowledge production.

Scientists use data from images and they help build a more complete picture of the planet.

Later this week, NASA is set to launch a new satellite addition to the International Space Station - which NASA says will help with important global issues such as changing freshwater availability, food security and human health.

Until then, if you're feeling a little down about the slow demise of the environment as we know it - or you're just looking to be a part of the Earth Day movement - you can send in photos on April 22 using the hashtag #PictureEarth.

Here are some of the pictures people have shared.

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