Come take a nice, cool sip of this film developer/beer


We don’t know who asked for this beer that can also develop Super 8 film but here it is.

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Since the mid-2000s, craft breweries have gone head to head to get the wackiest beer they can onto the market.

There’s a peanut-butter flavoured beer, dressed up as a KKK member for some reason. One made with rocky mountain oysters (that’s bull testicles for those of you lucky enough not to know). And, of course, the ever-popular “Pizza Beer” (now with 100% more pizza).

Delaware-based Dogfish Head Brewery has taken it one step further: making a delicious drop that also doubles as a film developer.

For those more familiar with digital photos; back in the days of film development happy snaps had to sit in a solution made up of hydroquinone, sodium carbonate and sodium sulphate before you could have a look.

So when Dogfish Head CEO Sam Calagione found out that certain beers contain the right amount of acidity to develop film he thought why not have a crack.

And so SuperEIGHT was born!

The bright pink beer is made with prickly pear, mango, boysenberry, blackberry, raspberry, elderberry, kiwi fruit, quinoa, sea salt and it does indeed develop Super 8 film.

See below for video proof.

The top drop was made in collaboration specifically for Kodak Film (remember them?) so don’t start dropping just any film into its foamy depths.

To celebrate the release of the beer, Calagione plans to film a port-to-port boat trip up the East Coast of North America - eventually turning the footage into a short film developed with SuperEIGHT.

Which is all well and good but the real question is; if this drink can develop film - what’s it doing to your insides?