Comedy Bang! Bang! star Scott Aukerman talks podcasting with Marc Fennell


Scott Aukerman, you may not know the name but he's one of the most interesting people working and innovating in comedy today.

He's the co-creator of the wildly popular online series Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis interviewing the likes of Brad Pitt, Barack Obama, Justin Bieber - to name a few.

He's the creator of the TV show Comedy Bang! Bang! and his podcast commands over two million listeners a month.

Not only that, he's built a network called Earwolf for other comedians to podcast.

"It has been really interesting," says Aukerman, who is currently touring Australia with a live version of Comedy Bang! Bang!

"I kinda knew that podcasting was gonna be big and my partner and I looked at forecasts.

"We saw roughly that it was going to grow by 250 per cent, but it was very hard to convince anyone that it was going to be a big deal."

Scott Aukerman is currently touring Australia with Comedy Bang! Bang! live.

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