'Customers buy in, then they buy': How Alex Jones makes millions from conspiracy theories


For conspiracy theorist and talk show host Alex Jones, the revolution starts not with a bang, or a whimper, but with Tangy Tangerine.

“Many revolutionaries rob banks and things, and kidnap people for funds. We promote in the free market, the products we use, that are about preparedness. That’s how we fund this revolution against the new world order.”

He once boasted that Tangy Tangerine weight loss supplements helped him lose 37 lbs. in just two months.

It’s just one of the products Jones has hawked in the past to fund his media empire, Info Wars.

His customers buy in, and then they buy.

Today he sells a number of items, ranging from freeze dryers to so-called ‘testosterone boosters’ - for men in need of a little something extra to fight the globalist agenda.

In 2014, Jones’ business had revenues of more than US$20 million. What’s made Jones a millionaire is his ability to merge his bizarre claims with his merchandise. The apocalypse requires products that the Info Wars store can readily supply. 

Jones touts the coming Armageddon. Conveniently he also sells body armour, and components for homemade guns.

Jones, and others who peddle his products, like chiropractor Edward Group III, accused the government of putting fluoride in the drinking water, knowing it was a deadly poison.

Jones reasoned they were, "cutting us off from higher consciousness".

And thus, Jones will sell you fluoride-free toothpaste, laced with counteractive iodine.

If the struggle against the deep state is getting you down, there is super-male vitality for aging men - "...the answer to the globalist war on male vitality.”

The millions of dollars his fans have spent on these products have made Jones a wealthy man. But his vitriolic rhetoric and crackpot theories (like that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax) have gotten him kicked off of Facebook and YouTube, and resulted in various lawsuits. Most recently, Twitter has permanently banned Jones, and Info Wars, for violating their abusive behavior policy.

Despite these setbacks, Jones continues to seethe against the machine. Presumably not without the help of his Survival Shield X-2 formula.

This video was originally published by the New York Times. It has been republished here under a licencing agreement. 

Source The New York Times