Daniel Ricciardo explaining his ‘shoey’ is the most Australian thing ever

Daniel Ricciardo made his 100th Formula One race a memorable one Source: Getty Images

"I’m gonna do my fellow Australians proud.”

Formula One driver and all round nice guy Daniel Ricciardo, has celebrated his 100th race in a uniquely Australian fashion.

The 27-year-old finished second behind competition leader Lewis Hamilton, at the German circuit on Sunday and made the most of his time on the winners’ podium by doing a shoey.

After wiping the foam beard from his face like a champion, Ricciardo proceeded to explain the move to the bemused foreign media.

“It’s an Australian thing, it’s called a ‘shoey’,” he told cameras, “To be honest, from the start of the season I was like, if I win a race this year, I’m gonna do one."

“You know today, 100th race, I got a podium, summer break - I was like just in case I don’t win this year, I’m gonna do a shoey and do my fellow Australians proud.”

The Perth-born sportsman added that he was inspired by fellow countryman Jack Miller, who drank champagne from his racing boot after winning his first MotoGP race in the Netherlands in June.

And of course they aren’t the first high profile Aussies to do a shoey for the cameras; surfing group The Mad Hueys are known for doing them and even convinced reality star Brody Jenner to get in on the action while visiting Down Under in 2014.

The trend has even proven to have some international appeal, with Switzerland’s The Bachelor relieving one of his dates of her sparkly stiletto and drinking from it on-air.

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