EmmaYouAreNext.com Is a Campaign To Shut Down 4Chan

Emma Watson made headlines yesterday after a powerful speech at the United Nations on gender equality. Almost immediately, she has become the target of the next nude picture leak. A few minutes ago, the website emmayourenext.com was revealed as a campaign to shut down the source of the leaks, 4chan.

The website said that the launch would happen at midnight US EST. And a few minutes ago this appeared:



The site also leads to a public letter to Barach Obama which reads;

"We have been hired by celebrity publicists to bring this disgusting issue to attention. The recent 4chan celebrity nude leaks in the past 2 months have been an invasion of privacy and is also a clear indication that the internet NEEDS to be censored. Every Facebook like, share & Twitter mention will count as a social signature - and will be one step closer to shutting down www.4chan.org.



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Emma Watson Threatened After Speech On Gender Equality

The internt has long been quick to call out a lot of celebrity bad behaviour. Make a fool of yourself on TV? You'll become a meme. Publically make anti-Semetic and racist comments? Someone will collate every detail. And if you're Emma Watson, and have recently made an erudite and impassioned speech regarding the importance of gender equality, the need to involve people of any gender, and acknowledging that gender norms and expectations have negative effects for both men and women? Well, someone will threaten to show the world your naked body without your permission.

It's only been a few weeks since media united in support against a deluge of stolen photos of celebrities, overwhelmingly young women, most prominently Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. The photos appeared on 4chan and Reddit overnight, but by the morning they had been deleted from most websites under the threat of legal action. It seemed like the Perez Hiltons of the world had finally realised something staggeringly obvious; that leering at pictures not meant for or sent to you is deeply creepy and an unequivocal violation.

In such circumstances, whenever nude photos, nip slips and the like do the rounds, there's a few responses we can predict. There's the chorus of sickened and scandalized, raising their smelling salts to their faces while shrieking that nobody should ever take or possess such photographs anyway. Why are these girls allowing their paramours to see them naked? Why do they appear to be enjoying it? Why could they possibly hope to convey with eyes that say 'come hither'?

Then there's the boorish trumpeting of blokes next door, reassuring that if they had bodies like that they'd be flashing them around too, and that by downloading Jennifer Lawrence's sexts they're doing nothing but good-naturedly appreciating their god-given graces.

"Leaking celebrity nudes is not about getting off. It's about getting even."

And then, during the last leak, some people finally started to twig that this just wasn't about getting turned on. Sure, many people found the images erotic, but with the pornographic cornucopia that is the internet why would you need to seek out surreptitious material? Why check out naked pictures of Kate Upton, who appears near-naked daily as part of her profession? And why are people so desperate to circulate them, rather than just enjoying special alone time, well, alone?

Leaking celebrity nudes is not about getting off. It's about getting even. And if that wasn't already clear, it is now. Because after making a speech about gender equality in which Emma Watson dared to suggest that women and men deserve equal respect, a website appeared called 'Emma You're Next'.

It bears the 4chan logo and prominently features an ominous countdown. To what nobody is exactly certain, but more nude photos leaking when the clock is at zero is a widely held assumption.

So let's get out in front of this.

If you click on, look at, publish or circulate photos like this, you aren't showing up young women who should have known better.

You aren't making fun of a person who has already paid the price of fame, in the currency of her privacy and bodily autonomy.

You aren't celebrating beauty, or even enjoying the bounty of a crime that has already been committed, and can't be taken back anyway.

You are doing exactly what the people who set up this website and leak photos want you to do; participating in the worldwide humiliation of a woman who has dared to suggest that she deserves to be respected. You're warning other women in similar positions what might happen to them if they ask the same. And you're reminding women that something as fundamental as their own body can be used as a weapon against them.


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