'Hi I’m Jan Fran, and I love America!'

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Jan Fran is back!

Hi I’m Jan Fran, and I love America!

I’ve just come back from a ten-day trip to the land of the free, home of the very orange cheese and I can confirm that its excellent…when you’re not one of the 45 million who live below the poverty line, or when you don’t own skin darker than, say, Donatella Versace after six weeks in Monaco. 

America is the best and worst of everything. It’s one of the most diverse countries in the world and its people are extremely friendly in a we-might-shoot-you kinda way. That’s what drew us to America: the people. 

This election is one big giant personality contest and it should come as no surprise given both major party candidates have spent three decades in the public eye. But we wanted to get past all that was trumped up to find out what the people think.  And by ‘the people’ we mean randos we found on the Internet who are doing/thinking/acting on some cool shit.

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