Indi - Wodonga debate: Cathy McGowan and Marty Corboy


The Feed visits Australia's most marginal seat, Indi in rural Victoria. Last time the seat came down to a couple of hundred votes - what is in store for 2016?

The seat of Indi has been tumultuous in the past few years - last year Sophia Mirabella was the only sitting Liberal candidate to lose her seat, despite the Coalition's landslide win.

She's contesting the election again this year, but declined to appear on the program, so incumbent independent Cathy McGowan is joining Jan Fran on the panel, along with potential dark horse from The Nationals Marty Corboy. 

On the top of the list of issues to discuss is the crisis currently facing dairy farmers in the area, along with youth employment, safe schools, and the trials of representing a rural area.

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Source The Feed