Joyce 'misinterpreted' rally chant, says pro-choice campaigner

Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce speak during an anti-abortion rally in Hyde Park, Sydney, Sunday, September 15, 2019. Source: AAP

As NSW looks to become the last state to decriminalise abortion, the NSW Liberal Party is facing internal division and Barnaby Joyce lands himself in hot water.

Last night Gladys Berijiklian's leadership was momentarily challenged by three members of her party angry over her handling of the abortion debate. 

According to the last month's Essential poll, only 8% of NSW voters strongly oppose removing abortion from the criminal code, while 71% support the proposed changes.

NSW Liberal party upper house members Matthew Mason-Cox, Lou Amato and Mulgoa MP Tanya Davies announced last night that they would move a spill motion against Gladys Berijiklian -- who won a dramatic state election in March. However, the trio withdrew the motion at 7:38am this morning after they were laughed off publicly by the rest of the party.

In Sydney's Hyde Park on Sunday afternoon, tensions flared as pro-choice campaigners faced off with pro-life campaigners.

MP Barnaby Joyce was at the rally campaigning alongside former PM Tony Abbott. They spoke in front of signs that read ‘pro-life, pro-woman, pro-child’. Joyce claims to have heard pro-choice campaigners chanting "throw the fetus in the bin":

Barnaby Joyce, anti-abortion
Channel 7 quotes Barnaby Joyce falsely claiming that pro-choice protesters were saying 'fetus' instead of 'bigots' at their rally.
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However, Sydney woman Chloe Barron told BuzzFeed News, "The chant was 'we will fight, we will win, put the bigots in the bin'."

"I was just really upset that this had been misinterpreted because it cast a message that we didn’t want to send," she said.

Confusion seems to have set in when a pro-life group posted this video of the rally to their Facebook page:

Twitter users claim the video's captions misrepresent what the protesters were chanting: 

In his rally speech, Joyce compared the NSW abortion debate to the abolition of slavery in the United States.

“[...] In the United States of America they had slaves, they were merely property; they needed to kill them, they killed them … but they moved on from that.”

Joyce’s daughter Odette Joyce rebelled against her dad on Instagram last month after he led a previous anti-abortion protest in August. She wrote “And once again I do not support you”
across a screenshot of an SBS News story entitled: Barnaby Joyce leads Sydney anti-abortion protest

Odette Joyce, anti-abortion
Odette Joyce takes to Instagram to speak out against her father's stance on abortion rights.