‘Like a Basset Hound soaked in vinegar’: Australians discuss Prince Charles


With the prospect of Australia becoming a republic, Michael Hing proposes a makeover for Prince Charles.

A Newspoll released Tuesday has shown support for the monarchy in Australia is at its highest level since 1999.

Fifty percent of people polled are in support of Australia becoming a republic, with 41 percent preferring to remain a constitutional monarchy.

Thanks to the foppish celebrity status of Princes William and Harry and global popularity fascination with watching rich people do rich people things, support for the younger generation of royals is high.

There’s just one problem: The next in line for the throne is Queen Elizabeth’s son Charles (who is famously shit)

In the survey, when people were asked about a monarchy if Prince Charles were to ascend to the throne, support dropped by five percent

The news comes as Prince Charles’ visit to Australia for the Commonwealth Games comes to an end.

According to Hing, the survival of the Monarchy depends on a 'personal brand refresh' for Prince Charles. Luckily, he has a few unorthodox suggestions: