Marc Fennell's co-host on sexism in the Olympic Games


Jan Fran, who has heard of Michael Phelps and has good hair, asks why so much Rio Olympics coverage is sexist.

Reporting the Olympics is hard work! There's the person's name, what they won, and where they're from. So it's understandable that the occasional journalist would forget to include all that information and only have room to mention the man that person is married to, how old they are, and whether their hairstyle is working for them.

And it happens a lot! So frequent, in fact, that angry, man-hating femenazis have called the Olympic reporting sexist.

Can that possibly be true? Jan Fran explores, and offers a few suggestions.

She does so while happily married and wearing a fetching purple and black frock, both of which are at least as important as everything she is saying and doing.

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