One in eight men think they could win a point against Serena Williams


Sure, guys.

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Twelve per cent of men believe they could win a point off Serena Williams in a game of tennis, a UK survey finds, compared to just three per cent of women.

More than 1700 British men and women were asked if they thought they could win a point off the tennis player when playing at their very best.

One in five men said they thought they could win a point against the 23 grand slam winner.

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Fourteen per cent of men said they didn't know, while 10 per cent of women were unsure.

The YouGov survey hit a nerve just as Williams lost her bid for a 24th grand slam title at Wimbledon.

Social media has gone into meltdown over the confident men who think they might have a chance at returning Serena's 200km/h serve.

Briggs said they are just plain cooked.

Social media overlord Chrissy Teigen was begging to have Williams prove them wrong.

This guy predicted a more realistic outcome.

Others were praying.