'Something is broken': losing their daughter turned this couple into anti-gun campaigners

Sandy and Lonnie's daughter Jessica was one of the victims of a mass shooting in Aurora, CO in 2012. Source: The Feed

Sandy and Lonnie were card-carrying NRA members and Republicans, until tragedy turned their view on guns around. Grassroots America. Watch now.

Sandy and Lonnie's daughter Jessica was one of 12 people shot dead in a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado, in 2012. She was 24. Only a month before she had narrowly escaped another mass shooting.

"The moment I heard from my wife's lips, 'Jessica's dead', I knew instantly that I no longer had a daughter," recalled Lonnie. "And that my wife would never be the same".

In the wake of the tragedy they sued the online dealer who sold the ammunnition. They lost, and were ordered to pay the defendant's legal feels - some $200,000. They now face bankruptcy.

Sandy and Lonnie have become avid supporters of gun control, and now live on the road in a trailer. They've made it their mission to travel the country speaking out against gun violence.

Like Clinton, they support stricter background checks, tougher regulation for online purchases and harsher penalities for those who leave guns stored improperly.

"Why is this happening again and again in our country," asked Sandy. "Something is broken".

Despite the obstacles, the two have faith that change is possible, especially under a Clinton presidency.

"It took 40 years to get us into the horrible place we're in. It's going to take some time to get us out," said Lonnie. "We've got to pass some good laws."

Nothing's going to happen if you don't have grassroots behind you".

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Source The Feed