The Chaser updates George Pell monument to accurately reflect his conviction


The team shared a video last night, following a decision by the Victorian Court of Appeal to dismiss the convicted paedophile’s request.

VIDEO ABOVE: After Pell's conviction was made public in February, The Feed spoke to young Catholics about the future of the church

Yesterday, Cardinal George Pell's child sex conviction was upheld by the Victorian Court of Appeal. The decision was met with all manner of responses - including a blog post from Andrew Bolt - but it seems the team at The Chaser might have found the most creative (and literal) response.

But first, a quick back story.

Amid the ongoing appeal case, a plaque recognising George Pell as the eighth Archbishop of Sydney, located at St Mary's Cathedral, has remained in place.

Cathedral authorities have defended its installation, saying there was 'no reason' to remove the plaque while the appeal process was dealt with.

Well, yesterday the process was dealt with. So instead of removing it, The Chaser has simply decided to amend it.

The team sought to update the relevant information to reflect his continued convicted status - by paying a visit to the monument.

"Here's George Pell's plaque, proudly on display," The Chaser's Charles FIrth says.

As Firth noted, the plaque was missing the convicted cardinal's "most noteworthy achievement."

In the short video, Firth can be seen then adding a smaller engraved plaque onto the original fixture.

It now reads: 'and convicted pedophile'.

"There we go, much better," added Firth.

There's no word yet from Cathedral authorities about the future of the plaque.