This baby girl was abandoned on a trash heap - then two journalists stepped in to help


Finally, a story to restore our faith in humanity.

Warning: This story contains images some may find disturbing

A viral video of a newborn baby left to die in an Indian rubbish mound has had a happy ending, after two Indian journalists stepped in to help.

Vision of the child crying in the dirt near Rajasthan’s Nagur, in the country’s north, made international headlines over the weekend.

It caught the attention of director Vinod Kapri and journalist Sakshi Joshi, who quickly moved to adopt the little girl.

Kapri and Joshi told the Times of India they investigated the authenticity of the video and confirmed the child was born on June 12 and had been dumped soon after.


They’ve since travelled to the hospital where the baby is being treated, to start the adoption process.

Speaking to the Times of India on his way to the hospital, Mr Kapri said they felt an immediate connection with the child.

“It was completely heart-wrenching to hear the baby’s cries. My wife and I saw the video and we were silent for some time. I then asked her if we would adopt the child.”

The couple tweeted from the hospital, thanking staff for caring for the child.


People took to social media to celebrate the couples call-to-action.

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