This travel show host has just discovered the ultimate destination: Australia


In the tradition of self-indulgent celebrity travel shows, comes comedian Michael Hing’s Passport To Australia.

You’ve seen people gawk at henna tattoos, wince at unfamiliar cuisines and marvel at the customs and traditions of foreign countries.

First there was Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year, and Michael Palin’s Around The World In 80 Days. Then there was Joanna Lumley’s India, and Ewan McGregor’s Long Way Round. Now there’s Michael Hing’s Passport To Australia.

Join yet another B-list* celebrity-cum-intrepid adventurer as he journeys Down Under to discover a truly magnificent country and meet the extraordinary people who call this place home.

In this first episode, airing on The Feed, Michael breaks bread** with the friendly locals and savours traditional delicacies such as the beloved sausage sandwich, a tasty tube of minced meat stuffed into animal intestines and smothered with a sauce made of tomatoes.

*probably a bit generous

**or should we say ‘damper’!!!