This Trump supporter thought he was taking a photo with Keanu Reeves. His mistake has gone viral.

Source: Bill Montanary (Facebook)

A Trump supporter has gone viral after sharing a photo of himself posing enthusiastically with a man who is definitely not Keanu Reeves.

Last weekend at a motorcycle show in Maryland, one avid Trump fan thought he ran into Keanu Reeves.

The man, named Bill, shared photos of the experience in a Facebook group for Trump supporters, letting them know that Reeves "restores antique bikes and is a Trump supporter!".

Unfortunately, Bill made one crucial error: the man in the photograph is quite clearly not Keanu Reeves.

The post has since gone viral, racking up more than 5000 likes, hundreds of comments, and a fair few memes pointing out key differences between Keanu Reeves and the man in the photograph.

A man who identified himself as the Keanu look-alike in the photo has also responded with a Facebook post, writing "Jesus. Really people???? Yes, that is ME on the right. What is wrong with people?"

The real Keanu Reeves has not made any public statements in support of Trump. While it has been reported that Reeves once described Trump as "a role model for every young American", this quote is a hoax.