Trump would win if only men voted, so some people want to #RepealThe19th

There's a big difference between the way American men and women are voting Source: Twitter

#RepealThe19th is trending and it's impossibly sexist.

A new poll is declaring that Donald Trump would win the US election in a landslide if only men could vote. (There are no prizes for guessing the result should the genders be reversed.)

Data collated from a series of national polls and put onto a map by FiveThirtyEight, indicates that Trump would claim an impressive 350 votes over Hillary Clinton’s 188 if women weren’t counted.

Unsurprisingly, some Trump responders have responded with a call to scrap women’s voting rights by circulating the hashtag #RepealThe19th, in reference to the 19th Amendment which gave women the vote in 1920.

Here are some of the more charming reactions from Twitter:

And the kickass responses from the other side

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