"What do I have to do?" Muslim advocate Mariam Veiszadeh on immigration bans


A recent poll has indicated that 49% of Australians want to ban Muslim immigration. So who are they?

This week we learned that nearly half the Australian population would like to ban all followers of the Islamic faith from being able to immigrate to Australia.

In particularly surprising news, 34 per cent of those who vote for The Greens would also support a ban, despite the party's strong resistance to offshore refugee processing and advocacy for an increase in immigration.

So, here's the question - who are these Muslim-banning Greens? Laura Murphy-Oates hit the streets to find out who supported a ban on Muslim immigration and how they voted.

Then Muslim community advocate and 'recovering' lawyer Mariam Veiszadeh joined Laura and Marc Fennell on the desk to talk about the political discussion on Muslim immigration.

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