Why conservative Lyle Shelton is unimpressed with My Little Pony


The popular children's cartoon has debuted its first same-sex couple and a prominent Australian conservative is struggling.

Video above: The Feed's Patrick Abboud investigates the world of bronies

My Little Pony is the latest cartoon to feature a same-sex couple, with its final season including lesbian ponies Auntie Lofty and Aunt Holiday.

The couple are new to the animated TV series and were first introduced in a My Little Pony book, with one of the authors confirming their relationship at the time and in tweets this week.


The episode will air during Pride Month in the US.

Lyle Shelton, the Federal Communications Director of the Australian Conservatives political party, who was also a leading campaigner against same-sex marriage, was unimpressed with the love expressed between two animated ponies, using their relationship as rally-cry for conservatives.

This week he tweeted: "We said indoctrinating your children & your grandchildren would be a consequence of "marriage".

"It's a brave new world folks & we need to push back while we still can. Sitting outside politics is no longer an option for conservatives."

Many were unimpressed with Lyle.



The introduction of the new characters follows kids show ‘Arthur’ opening its season with the same-sex wedding of Mr. Ratburn, who is a male rat. He married a male aardvark.

Alabama Public Television chose not to air that episode of ‘Arthur’, saying “parents have trusted Alabama Public Television for more than 50 years to provide children’s programs that entertain, educate and inspire.”