Young Australians are using record amounts of cocaine


Thanks to the dark web, buying coke is cheaper and easier than ever before. And Australians have noticed.

The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre says cocaine use among young people in Australia is at it’s highest level recorded since reporting began 15 years ago. The centre spoke to nearly 800 respondents, averaging 21 years old. Just under 60% said they used the drug in the last 6 months - up 12% since 2017.

But the cocaine recreationally consumed in Australia could soon become a lot less pure, and a lot more dangerous.

The US is grappling with an opioid crisis driven by a skyrocketing number overdoses from fentanyl - a synthetic form of the drug. Now, a number of states up the country’s east coast say they’re seeing way more cases of fentanyl in cocaine.

Which is likely to eventually make its way to Australia.

Cocaine arrives here from 47 different countries. According to Australian Intelligence, the number one exporter Is the US, and the number supplier Colombia. And how does it get past our border security? Almost always via international mail.

So if it’s getting cheaper and easier to get your hands on is it any wonder why rates of cocaine use are rising?



John Ryan spoke with Jan Fran and Marty Smiley on The Feed