The most creative posters from Melbourne's climate strikes

Young people have poured into the streets of Australia and around the globe in another international day of action against climate change.

A climate rally is underway in Melbourne's CBD.

A climate rally is underway in Melbourne's CBD. Source: AAP

Friday marked another global day of action against climate change, and a group of self-described "climate warriors" in Melbourne have joined in.

Here's a look at some of the most creative signs from Australia and beyond.

At home

A group called Extinction Rebellion led the rally from Victoria's Parliament House before marching through Melbourne.

Descending on the city's streets with a clear message.

"Death is denial".
Source: AAP

And some Sydney-siders hosted a satellite strike as well.

Students once again led the way in Melbourne.

A few were getting involved before even starting school.

And some families attended together, too.

Students bit back at those telling them to stay in the classroom.

Melbourne climate strikes.
Source: AAP

And one even suggested a curriculum change.

Some breaking out in song.

And getting clever with their posters.

Melbourne climate strikes.

The crowds only grew bigger as the rally went on.

Reminding the public that Australia's iconic wildlife is at risk.


Next door in New Zealand, people were just as committed.

With young people once again leading the way.

Wellington led the way, with hundreds of young people hitting the streets.

Where they got just as creative with their posters.

 But some weren't feeling as optimistic.

Published 24 May 2019 at 2:35pm