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The world parodies Trump's 'put America first' slogan

The Netherlands welcome Trump in is own words
Source: Youtube

From Germany to Lithuania, Iran to Australia, countries are putting forward a satirical case as to why they should come 'second' after the United States.

Throughout his presidential campaign, US President Donald Trump vowed to 'put America first.'

And at his inauguration, with the world watching on, he assured the American people his commitment would continue into his presidency, announcing "from this day forward it's only going to be only America first. America first."

Shortly after the January 20 inauguration, a Dutch television show made a video mocking his 'put America first' slogan.

In the video, a voice, strikingly similar to President Trump's says the Dutch are willing to accept America must come first, but campaigns reasons as to why their country should come second.

"We built an entire ocean, OK, an entire ocean between us and Mexico, nobody builds oceans better than we do, this ocean is so big you can even see it from the moon and we made the Mexicans pay for it," says narrator, American comedian, Greg Shapriro.

It quickly went viral, inspiring countries across Europe, and the globe to create their own, all of which take aim at the President's controversial policies.

Germany made the bold move of referencing Hitler.

"Great leader, so smart. He made Germany great again. The media totally loved him, wrote only nice things about him, great guy, total winner - his book, a best seller. It's true. Steve Bannon absolutely loves him," the narrator says.

"Germany hosted two World Wars in the past 100 years. They were the best world wars in the world. And we won both of them, bigly. Anyone who says anything else is fake news." 

While the Swiss promoted its independence: "You don't like the EU? We hate it too. That's why we invented Brexit. Switzerland was never a part of the EU. Never. Brexit should be called Shwexit or Swixit or Helevexit, or Switzerleave - I just came up with that, brilliant!" 

It wasn't long before the videos made their out way of Europe, with countries like Kazakhstan, China, and even Iran quick to jump on board. 

Iran, one of the seven countries on President Trump's list who's citizens would be be temporarily banned from entering the US, offered this: "Iran, Iraq, and different countries, crazy - I know! That is what we are really afraid of, that you mix up the names and do something to us by mistake.

"In fact, that is how we believe we ended up on the travel ban list. You're sitting there, in the middle of the night, typing the executive order on your phone. You write Iraq, your phone says do you mean 'Iran?' Then you're confused, you write both just in case. Better safe than sorry."

And let's not forget Australia, which predictably addressed that phone call. 

"We in Australia are so, so sorry about that dumb deal our loser Prime Minister, who's a total disaster by the way, very unprofessional, sad," the narrator says.

"The worst phone call you had all day, worse than China, making you take in some very low energy refugees, but look, you don't like Malcolm? Neither do we. He's fired, boom, you give his party six weeks, they're gonna replace that bum, anyway."