• These pants work the group of muscles known as 'latte'. (Getty Images)
Clothes that take you from your yoga class to your local cafe account for a large chunk of the apparel market. So are they worth it?
Tuesday, June 23, 2015 - 19:30

There was once a time where it was completely acceptable to look disgusting while working out. Frizzy hair, sweat marks and trakkies were all the norm. But that time has come and gone.

Now we live in the age on #thinspo and #fitspo, where what you sweat in matters and what you squat in flatters. It’s the era of athleisurewear.

Athleisurewear is a portmanteau of athletics and leisure that was coined in the past few years, and it primarily refers to describe sporty clothes that aren’t necessarily designed for sport.

Market Research company NDP Group, ground the US activewear sales drove the apparel market last year, jumping by seven per cent to $34 billion, and marking up 16 per cent of the total apparel market share.

Huge international labels such as Calvin Klein have launched successful performance gear ranges, as have supermarket and bargain department stores at the lower end of the spectrum.

But does dropping more cash on your crop top actually get you a better quality product, or is the ‘performance’ aspect of performance wear overstated? Jeannette Francis investigates to see if athleisurewear is, well, a little bit bullshit.