Conchita Wurst burst on to the world stage at Eurovision 2014. Now she's got a new album, a sausage named after her, and a message for all the haters.
Thursday, April 30, 2015 - 19:30

What does Conchita Wurst think about when watching her Eurovision performance?

"You're off key".

"I'm very critical when it comes to performing. I rewatch everything. When I won, it was great, but afterwards, it was awful".

Tom Neuwirth has been performing as Conchita Wurst since 2011.

"Once you decide to be a person in the public eye, you’re basically in business the second you step out of your home," she said. "That really bothered me; being in a private situation and having people coming up, taking pictures.

"And I had to change that, because I want to have a private life, and I want to be a person on the stage. One day I tried out new make-up, and I hadn’t shaved, and I was like, ‘that actually looks good’." 

Chonchita credits her incredibly supportive family for her confidence and success. Her father has made a sausage named after her, called the conchitawurst. "I have no idea what's in it".

She also has a tattoo of her mother on her back. "I would go to kindergarten in a skirt, and she would wait outside. Another mum would come up to her and say, ‘what are you still doing here, he’s inside’. And she’d say, ‘I have to wait because they will laugh at him and he’ll have to get changed.’

"And I wouldn’t come out. Because I was so self-confident. I went, ‘whatever. You wear pants, I wear a skirt. Just play, whatever’". 

Criticism of her gender-bending persona still receives the same response. Her Eurovision win had several conservative politicians and religious leaders up in arms, with Patriarch Amfilohije of Montenegro going so far as to say the floods in the Balkans that left fifty people dead were "a warning from God not to join the wild side".

“Thankyou for your attention. And I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m just a drag queen. It’s actually flattering that they spend their precious time thinking about me. What could I have done to them?"

"I really enjoy being this character and saying and doing whatever I want to. It has always been fun and it still is."


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