• Fetish Fitness - The new way to combine getting fit with getting off
Many people love to hit the gym, work out those muscles, and feel good about the work they put in. Many people also have fetishes.... so what if you combined the two? The Feed's Patrick Abboud goes inside a BDSM forced fitness fetish class.
Tuesday, June 24, 2014 - 19:30

Mistress Anna is a Sydney based dominatrix with a love of personal training. Two years ago she decided it was time to combine her two loves and so she started a forced fitness fetish class.

Her clientele includes an IT professional who loves adult diapers, a bikie cross-dresser, and a man with a passion for punching bags and getting punched.

"I've taken the majority of exercises that you see in a normal circuit class and then kinkified them," says Mistress Anna. "The clients come and see me not to just get fit and get off, I think it's because I really understand them and I allow them to be who they are."

Participants in the class will often perform squats or lunges with weights attached to their genitals - or work out on the rowing machine with Mistress Anna pulling them along with chains attached to their nipples.

Ray - a sub-slave and an engineer by day, is married and has two children. He tries to fit in a workout once or twice a week and says Mistress Anna has helped him feel a lot better about himself.

Ray also says that while he does get some sexual enjoyment from the class it's quite physically challenging.

"It is a sexual turn on for sure," says Ray. "Mentally there's a certain excitement factor there, physically it's actually very hard work."

"You start to feel like you're out of your own body, sometimes you feel like you're floating on the ceiling."

"You don't feel pain like you normally would in normal circumstances."

Nick is a computer programer who enjoys becoming a 'little' when he comes to the fetish fitness class - that means he enjoys wearing a diaper and becoming like an infant.

He says Mistress Anna's strict discipline style has helped him work towards his goals.

"The fetish fitness classes have helped me start to change my body to better reflect what I want to look like," says Nick. "I want to be muscular, I want to be fit, I want to be sexy."

Nick also says fetish fitness classes are a great way to boost confidence.

"No one can judge me more than I've judged myself... No one can hurt me more than I actually hurt myself in the past," says Nick. "I accepted myself and this is who I am."

You can see the full uncensored version of fetish fitness below:

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